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Why we're sharing our shipping data

The COVID-19 pandemic is the defining moment of this decade.

Business models are being flipped upside down. Ecommerce penetration made a decade leap in just a couple months and we went from the high teens to over 30% of retail happening online.

Standard supply chains have been turned inside out. All shipping carriers are seeing more volume every day compared to the holiday peak volume from last year. Some carriers are adjusting well, some are struggling, and everybody is adapting at different speeds to keep up with demand.

That is exactly why we’re providing you, the brand builders, the creators, the operators, with insight into what we’re seeing with the shipping carriers that ShipBob leverages within our fulfillment network across the United States like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL.

We all know there have been carrier delays during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we want to present you with some real time data to highlight this. Please see what we put together below and if you have ideas on additional data you would like to see, please contact us with the form below. 

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Shipping Carrier Data

FedEx Ground

DHL Ecommerce Ground

UPS Standard Ground


Weekly time-in-transit updates from the four leading shipping carriers.

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This data is aggregated across shipping zones for each respective ground service.

About the Data

Important Holiday Cutoff Dates

Shared by our carrier partners

FedEx Ground: 12/16

USPS Priority Mail: 12/17

UPS Ground: 12/13 

USPS First Class: 12/17